Women and Muscle Building

By on December 21, 2015

We hear this question when nine out of ten women want to do weight training to maintain, lose weight, lose belly, thighs and firm buttocks, “Is what I’m not going to take too much muscle? “Or” I do not want to take muscle “or even” I do not want to lose my femininity. “It is very likely that you (or someone you know) have done this kind of remark. Many women think that their muscles will double or triple in volume simply because they raise a dumbbell!

The female muscle
It is simply irrational for a woman to be afraid to end up with huge muscles if practice bodybuilding. This fear is due in part to an inaccurate representation of muscular women. Nowadays, most muscular women that we see consists of elite professional bodybuildeuses, weightlifters and athletes like weight throwers / javelin who have trained for years to develop their muscles. Like their physical extremes are the only illustrations of “muscular women”, many women avoid bodybuilding for fear of having a hyper-developed plastic immediately. You want a toned body, but not too muscular. You also want to meet the canons of femininity such as imposing the society. That sounds complicated? So what are you supposed to do? Practicing bodybuilding, of course! Discover the reasons therefore.

Why not have fear of gaining muscle?
Imagine for a moment that women who regularly take bodybuilding suddenly massive muscles. If that were the case, why fitness rooms they are not filled with women in hypertrophied musculature? Back to reality: it is rare to see a woman with very large muscles because to get this kind of physics, certain elements are required: a good genetic potential, intense years of training specifically to develop a large muscle mass and finally, a rate of testosterone (male hormone) than normal. Of course, there are also women who “supplémentent” androgens …

Most women who do weight training are struggling to have thick and bulging muscles due to their low testosterone: a woman can not increase their muscle size as a man because it 20-30 times less testosterone than a man; gold, muscle development is largely related to plasma levels of this hormone. Although men and women become as strong with strength training (in proportion to their lean mass), they do not get as muscular. Even professional bodybuildeuses recognizing how difficult it is to form large muscle.

Now that you are convinced that there is nothing to worry about having huge muscles, stop spending hours on the stepper and put you to push the cast! Deciding on a physical appearance that is realistic for you and get started fully. The goal of bodybuilding is not to look like someone else, it should be to improve their physical and maximum health by losing fat and having good physical shape. Experts recommend the same fitness programs for men and women.

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