P90X Classic Vs. Lean

By on May 5, 2016

P90x as many of you know has 3 different versions – classic, doubles, and lean. In an earlier review I offered my thoughts on the doubles version. In this post I wanted to compare P90x classic version to the lean version. All 3 schedules utilize the same workouts it’s just a difference in schedule of workouts, frequency of various workouts, etc.Format of P90x Classic and LeanP90x classic follows a weekly schedule of 3 days of resistance training, 2 days of cardio type workouts, 1 day of yoga, and 1 rest or stretch day. The cardio workouts included in the classic schedule are plyometrics and kenpo x. I think it’s a great mix that really allows you to push yourself .

P90x lean follows a little different workout schedule. There is only 2 days of resistance training per week, 2 days of cardio, 1 day of yoga, and 1 rest or stretch day. The 3rd day of resistance training is replaced with the core synergistics workout. Core synergistics is an awesome workout but just doesn’t have the same comparable calorie burn as a resistance workout. In addition, plyometrics on day 2 is replaced with the much easier cardio x workout.My Thoughts on P90x Classic and Lean

To be brutally honest I always refer to the lean version as “P90x light”. It’s just not on the same intensity level as the classic version. The main culprits that cause this is the replacement of plyometrics with cardio x and the elimination of the 3rd resistance day. In my opinion there are 2 main reasons why people sometimes choose to do the P90x lean version.

The first reason is a lot of people start out doing P90x to lose weight. They equate the term “lean” with a better option for losing weight. I completely disagree with that notion. P90x classic is a much better version to lose weight faster. It’s a lot more intense, more of the workouts burn a lot of calories, and it has more resistance training. Resistance training is very important to weight loss. It boosts your metabolism for hours after your workout which is great for overall calorie burn. Furthermore, building muscle will boost your overall metabolic rate which keeps you burning more calories even when at rest. The bottom line is if you’re wanting to lose weight then you need to be maximizing the amount of calories you’re burning in a week.

The second reason that drives a lot of people towards the P90x lean version is the fear of “bulking up” with the classic version. I see this especially a lot with females. Trust me, you will not grotesquely bulk up with the P90x classic version. The hormonal balance of the female body simply does not favor severe bulking up and muscle growth without perhaps some chemical enhancement like steroids with a program like P90x. Plenty of women around the country have successfully completed P90x classic without bulking up. It’s hard enough with P90x for males to bulk up simply because of the nature of the workout system. A lot of calories burned, high intensity day after day, and circuit style training are not conducive to massive muscle gains.
Some may start the P90x lean version because they feel they’re severely out of shape when they begin the program. While I appreciate and understand this concern I still would recommend classic. I always say just modify classic and work yourself into it until you can keep up with the people in the videos. You keep pushing play day after day and I think you’ll be surprised how fast you can adapt and make positive physical changes for yourself. The one reason I can see as a possible justification for the P90x lean version is if it is more suited because of a physical limitation. I am always happy to consult you and help with any questions or concerns you may have.

Ultimately I always, always recommend P90x classic. I think it’s the best option whether you’re looking just to lose weight or are taking it a step further to get cut up and ripped. Male, female, young, and old trust me…P90x classic is the schedule suited for you.

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