Nearly at the end of your goal? Tips to burn the last few remaining pounds!

By on September 9, 2015

The last pounds of fat are the most persistent. Especially that belly fat. Follow these to help burn the last pounds.

Eat slower and eat less

When you eat at a lower pace you will have more time to enjoy your food. Research shows that if you eat at a  lower pace that you will actually consume 60 kilocalories per meal less. Teach yourself to only put food in your mouth when your mouth is empty. As a result, you will eat up to 4625 kcal less in a month! This is easily 2 pounds of fat per month!

Choose interval training instead of endurance training

Interval training is a more efficient way to get you back into shape. An interval training is not necessarily better for fat burning, but will cost you just a lot less time. Interval training is the best way to help you lose weight while retaining muscle.

No television during meals

If are eat while watching tv then you eat faster and more because you will connect the television with your eating habits. Many people associate food television, there is the risk that you unconsciously go snacking and thus will end up eating more unnecessary food.

Eat less cheese and spreads on your bread

Replace on spreads and cheese on your slices of bread by chicken breast. If you want to lose those excess pounds fat you better not eat too much cheese. If you do eat cheese then choose the skinny variant, as for instance for the 20 + or 30 + variant where less saturated fat in it. Spreads are usually filled with unhealthy fats like mayonaise.

Coffee during your breakfast

Drink a cup of strong coffee when having breakfast. This increases your energy consumption that day with a few percentage points. A higher power consumption ensures that you lose weight faster. Non coffee lovers can drink green tea.

Drink a glass of water before you go have lunch

If you are having lunch or dinner, drink dinner drink a glass. You can easily eat easy one-fifth less!

Replace your normal schedule in the gym once by supersets would you like extra burn, change for supersets instead of maximum force. Do two or three exercises right after each other and rest only when you have done everything exercises twice. In this way you burned more calories.

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