Muscle Building Tips for Vegetarians.

By on December 23, 2015

First you should be aware that in plant foods just getting non-heme iron much more difficult to absorb. In other words, you need to lend a hand to your body with vitamin C and phytates, present in the skin of vegetables and whole grains. As for the volume to win, do what the dietician recommends Javier Gaite Thode: “What is important is not to consume protein, but to maintain an adequate intake of carbohydrates.” Note that carbohydrates stimulate the production of a hormone that promotes muscle growth.

Do you want to build muscle without eating a chicken breast? These tips pointing at the door of your refrigerator:

1) Control your intake of protein
As much as you inflate to eat protein if you do not have enough carbohydrates in your body muscle mass will be compromised: the first thing the body when viewed lacking in carbohydrates is to transform the muscle protein into glucose to thereby obtain energy .

2) Combine the ingredients in your dishes
If you want to avoid this situation and gain volume, Javier Gaite dietitian advised you to give preference to dishes rich in carbohydrates from cereals, pasta, potatoes, rice or corn, tofu and tempeh (soy). “Toss with vegetables,” says dietitian. “This partnership will give the dish a profile similar to the meat amino acids, so they’re getting good quality protein with which to build your muscles.”

3) Beware of some ingredients
Do not overdo with proteins from eggs and milk: high levels of cholesterol and saturated fat stoop testosterone levels, causing a decrease in libido and muscle and increasing fat.

4) Yes, you can
You’re not the first vegetarian who wants to build muscle and get it. Okay, you do not want to be a Schwarzenegger, but guys like Roy Andreas Cahling or Hilligen became professional, well-defined bodybuilders, being so vegetarians like you.

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