Insanity: The program for a beachbody

Do you want to train at home and get a beachbody in 60 days? Then the Insanity workout may be something for you. With this grueling fitness program you achieve the results you want and were alsways dreaming of. One drawback, it’s super tough. But if you just persevere and “continue to push play” you will achieve what you have been dreaming about.

What is Insanity?

Insanity is known as the toughest fitness program that has ever been released on DVD. Personal trainer Shaun T will be guide and push you during the heavy workouts. He motivates you to keep going and to go beyond your limits. All this for a beachbody in no less than 60 days. You will certainly test your cardio and it is heavy, but so satisfying when you are done. The workouts consist of cardio and strength training. You don’t need weights or any other accessories. All you need are the DVDs, a mat and WATER. You train on a schedule. Note, however, that if you’re not an athlete you have to start slowly. The Insanity Workout is suitable for men and women with an average to good condition. Calorie consumption is 1,000 calories per hour if you give full throttle.

In addition to a good diet plan is the secret behind this heavy workout Max Interval Training. You use long intervals of heavy excercise with short periods of rest. The rest is just long enough to catch your breath. The workouts are very heavy and therefore take up to 40 minutes per day.

Insanity Nutrition

To get a beach body you must also change your diet. So no fatty snacks and sweet snacks, but eat healthy and of course drink plenty of water. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and if you can make use of supplements. Also make sure you eat enough protein. Proteins are important for your muscles.

The Insanity Program

The Insanity Workout includes of the following sections:

  • Plyo for slim buttocks and legs Resistance Moves for a beautiful and strong upper body.
  • Pure Cardio for fat burning,
  • Insane Abs for a super tight stomach.

The program is anything but boring. You will be constantly stimulated by new exercises and variations. Especially in the beginning, the time will go fast because you have to learn all the moves.

Buying Insanity DVDs

You can buy the DVD’s at

The Insanity Workout consists of 10 DVDs.

Want to know if Insanity is really something for you? Or do you want more information. On the Internet you will find many reviews about this infamous fitness. Also on Youtube you can find a lot of movies. Also with photos of days 1 and 60. You can see that people’s body transforms completely. You can also find on Youtube different parts of the Insanity DVDs. Maybe you can already try a lesson before you decide to buy the full program.