HIIT Workout Programs


The insanity workout brings you 60 days in top form. This heavy program for the real die-hards! Read here if you dare to take the challenge!


CrossFit is a training method that is constantly varied functional movements performing high intensity. This to create a broad, general and inclusive form of fitness. To learn more about Crossfit visit our special Crossfit page.


Pilates was developed by the legendary Joseph Pilates and is an exercise method for the whole body. Pilates goal is to find the ultimate balance between mind and body and the relationship between power, flexibility and control.


Tabata Protocol is a system of short intervals with a high-intensity, designed by the Japanese professor Dr. Izumi Tabata to train Olympic skaters. The Tabata training is sensible to keep a stopwatch in hand because this workout method is all about timing.

Kettlebell Swing

HIIT Tabata Kettlebell Workout

More hiit workout programs to come!