HIIT on the elliptical

If you are someone that you like training with machines and prefer to go to the gym or you’ve assembled an elliptical and treadmill in your home then you have no excuse for not practicing HIIT routines on the elliptical.

The exercises at high intensity intervals can be adapted to the many sports: swimming HIIT, HIIT bike, HIIT in running, and you can even perform HIIT before or after the weights.

In this case, we propose series of HIIT for you to stop getting bored on the elliptical and play with the rhythms of high and low intensity. After heating and taken your maximum heart rate to 60%, strive to stop for a minute and down the pace again for two minutes, but not completely even, simply reduce the intensity of exercise. Repeat this series three to five times and have ready your HIIT training elliptical.

If you just start in the physical exercise with the intention of getting in shape, and you’re a beginner, do not repeat more than three or four times the series and you can start shortening the duration of the high intensity interval in half and go increasing it over workouts. Soon you will see results, because even when you stop exercising, you’re burning fat.

HIIT on other machines
In addition to the elliptical or the treadmill, it is also possible to practice interval training workouts high intensity in other fitness equipment like rowing or if you like to jump rope, do not hesitate to use it for HIIT series.

All you have to do is to want to sweat and apply the times that have applied over the elliptical. Courage!