HIIT Jump Rope

Jumping rope not only has practical advantages, but also benefits for your body. With rope jumping you can burn a lot of calories because it is very intense.

The (relative) “disadvantage” of cycling, rowing, running and swimming is that you necessarily need in your house – unless you have a pool or gym in your basement. The disadvantage of a spinning bike, rowing machine, treadmill and exercise bike is that they occupy a permanent space, unless you are sure going to an gym outdoors.

Many people find a gym impractical, crowdy and sometimes expensive  and would prefer to train at home. For them jumping rope could be a great cardio alternative:

  • You can perform at home
  • That you can carry on 1 square meter
  • That does not take up permanent space
  • What you do not go to the gym
  • It hardly costs money
  • You’ve already read the title in all probability, so it will not surprise you that this is by using weight loss rope jumping, skipping ie skipping!

With rope jumping you can burn about 1.5 kilocalories per kilogram of body weight per 10 minutes. That is equivalent to 0.15 calories x number of minutes of exercise duration x number of kilograms of body weight.
If you weigh 65 kilograms and train for 30 minutes, then you come to the following calculation in terms of calorie burning “0.15 x 65 x 30 = 292 kilocalories” (every half hour)! That is significantly more than you burn with swimming or playing soccer during the same period.

Here is a complete “skipping schedule” for losing weight and slimming your waist down: