Best time to drink a protein shake?

By on March 1, 2016

When you drink a protein shake is best?

Protein Shake Before or after exercise?

First of all, it’s true that a protein shake after training helps to recover faster. However, a protein shake is only necessary if you have not eaten enough protein two to three hours prior to your workout (30-50 grams). A meta-analysis shows that it is actually little or no difference whether you eats a shake before or after training. It involves the total protein intake throughout the day. The timing does Weining increasing.

Before training

If you’ve had little protein two to three hours before exercise, drink 45 minutes before training a protein shake. So your body has enough amino acids at its disposal to recover.

During the training

During the training protein intake is not so important. The carbohydrate complement of moisture and is then much more important. Many fanatics believe in BCAAs, although quite a lot of discussion about that. Read about the effects of BCAAs.

After training

If you two to three hours before exercise have eaten nothing to you, after a shake is recommended training. Your body recovers faster when it not only immediately after exercise sufficient amino acids to the muscles can be transported, but in the following hours. The amino acid uptake by the muscles is increased after a workout namely 24 hours. For optimal recovery during sleep I recommend a dose of 40 grams (for men, women need less because they can absorb less).

How much should you take?

Recent research has shown that athletes weighing 80 kilograms have an optimal protein synthesis with 20 grams of protein [6]. It is not known with more muscle mass or athletes need more whey. My suspicion is that you really need more protein if you are heavier and have more muscle mass. In addition, I recommend not to take too much protein shakes (maximum of three per day). You can get better as much protein from chicken, fish, nuts and cottage cheese because it enables you to appropriate natural fiber, vitamins and minerals you. To develop muscle mass, I recommend an intake 1.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. Want to know more? Then read this article about proteins.

Proteins and carbohydrates

Until recently, the consensus of the science and its advice was always to take a protein shake with carbohydrates to increase the uptake of proteins [2,10]. Recently there have been a number of studies done and a overzichstartikel which researchers indicate that there is no evidence for the value of the protein-carbohydrate combination for strength athletes [11]. It would be just as effective for strength athletes if they only take a protein shake after training. Since it all is not yet fully clear, I am holding on to a protein shake and a banana after training for the best possible recovery.

Fast and slow proteins

It is important to take into account the different protein sources that are for sale. Whey is namely absorbed much faster than casein. For example, a protein shake with casein during the day and around your workout protein shake with a blend of different types wheys. If you use both, you’re sure you’re getting enough protein throughout the day.


If you already have a high-protein meal just have eaten before training (2 to 3 hours), a protein shake just before or after training makes little sense. The timing of a protein shake has little to no impact on your workout recovery. You still take a protein shake? Then I recommend that you drink 30-45 minutes before training.


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